Art Zuiderzee Founder Petra Hart grew up within the triangle of Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen and lived for a while in Paris and London, thirty years in Amsterdam and currently in Naarden. In 2009 she had a son Jimmy, a Frisian half-blood. Partly due to her father born in Hoorn and her grandfathers, who were born in Enkhuizen and Volendam, she grew up around the Zuiderzee between monumental buildings, heritage, mills, castles, monuments, forts, churches and picturesque harbours. Connecting this cultural heritage through art through water, land and air has always been on her mind.


The wild and unpredictable Zuiderzee existed from about the beginning of the late Middle Ages until 1932. Her ancestors lived since 1800 near Katham (Volendam) against the dike and close to the 'Kathammer' mill and one of them was the dike keeper. The flood disaster of 1916 ensured that the Zuiderzee was tamed in 1932.


When Petra's grandfather was seven years old, the dike in front of the farm where he lived broke. After that, it was no longer allowed to build so close to the dike. The new farmhouse, where he laid the first stone, is now on the other side of the mill. He has always kept part of the land outside the dikes and when Petra stood on the dike with her grandfather, he always said: 'I will keep this land until the municipality of Volendam comes to me and wants to turn it into a tourist destination'.


Unfortunately he couldn't be there, but he was right. Petra's parents sold the land in 2002 and since 2007 part of the Marinapark has been on it at the beautiful new Yacht Club Marina Volendam.






The first Art Zuiderzee Route will take place in the summer from 21 June to 8 September 2024, lasts 80 days and is 408 km long.


Art Zuiderzee is a summer art route and shows international and national site-specific visual art in or around cultural heritage that is part of the Zuiderzee area. Art Zuiderzee consists of (e)bicycle and sailing routes and connects everything in and around the Zuiderzee area.


The Art Zuiderzee Visitor experiences the diversity and richness of this area in the past and present through art, cultural heritage and the environment. Dutch water and landscape, museums, architecture, picturesque villages and towns surround the water area like a golden circle and are like hidden gems.


Art Zuiderzee takes you through time!

Reserve your ticket in advance.

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Art Zuiderzee gives the future a past and the past a future


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